Climate Trends


We are a strategic communications and capacity building initiative that is passionate about bringing greater focus on issues of environment, climate change and sustainable development. We communicate about these issues in ways that engage people and involve decision makers for faster action. We simplify complex issues, and create analyses and messages of ambition in order to help turn sectors and governments to implement growth with sustainability in earnest. We do this by amplifying scientific research, adding credible expert voices to the debate, providing strategic communications support to partners, building the capacity of civil society organisations and media to improve communication of these critical issues, as well as engaging with state governments and stakeholders on designing and implementing policies.


We place communications and capacity building at the heart of public, policy and behaviour change needed to advance action on environment and sustainable development.

Create Narratives

We ensure greater focus on issues of environment, climate and development by creating and maintaining evidence based narratives on various platforms. Our aim is to enhance public understanding and inform policy decisions on these issues.


Balancing development and environmental action is a complex challenge for India and requires many minds to think together. Therefore, we collaborate with diverse stakeholders and leverage our collective strengths to identify innovative and creative solutions to advance sustainable development.


This is at the heart of all that we do. We spend time and effort in defining a problem statement and identifying tools and tactics that would create the greatest impact. We apply a strategic lens to everything we do, whether it’s creating narratives, plugging research gaps, or building capacity.

Build Capacity

We educate and empower mainstream national and regional media to improve the quality and quantity of stories on environment, climate and development. We share important research, analysis and reports in a simplified way, as well as conduct trainings to better understand environmental issues, policies and gaps.


We are experts at breaking down complex science, research, and environmental issues into easy to understand narratives. Our endevour is to simplify the environment and development conversation for better understanding among the public, as well as translate scientific solutions in an actionable format for policy makers.


We don’t believe in reinventing the wheel, but focus on identifying gaps that exist in available science and research. Our research, analyses and studies are simple and concise yet effective in highlighting new issues and angles to existing environmental challenges, aimed at building evidence based narratives on specific topics.


We connect the dots between stresses to our environment, impacts of a changing climate, and solutions from everyone who has a stake in it.


We explore and connect with issues at the grassroot level. Watch our videos to learn more.


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