Climate Trends

Briefing paper on water crisis in times of Covid-19 (March 2020)

Ensuring Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene in times of COVID-19. ● As of 2019, 17 countries worldwide face extremely high water stress, with 12 of these countries in the middle east and Africa, accounting for one-quarter of the world’s population. India ranked 13th, but has three times the population of the other extremely water stressed countries.

2020 post pandemic economic recovery paper for India (April 2020)

The paper is compiled by Climate Trends. It is meant to be used as a briefing document for media interested in the subject of resilient economic recovery. The paper draws largely from the opinions and plans on sectors under focus which have been available in the public domain, and have been proposed by experts as India’s pathway to a sustainable economic recovery from COVID-19. It also makes some original suggestions which are listed under the ‘Required Actions’ section under each focus sector.

YouGov Survey: Work from home in times of Covid19 (April 2020)

PUBLIC PERCEPTION ANALYSIS DURING LOCKDOWN: Lessons for Sustainability. Indians believe air pollution to be a pervasive problem – more then 90% feel that it impacts them personally. Therefore, it is not surprising that Indians would be willing to take steps to maintain this fortuitous reduction in air pollution triggered by the COVID-19 induced lockdown.