Job Description 

An established media and content agency is accepting applications for the role of a Regional Communications Assistant. The successful candidate will provide strategic communications and media outreach capacity on a range of issues around climate change, energy, and environment.


Climate change is the defining global issue of our time. The impacts of climate change do not discriminate between caste, class, gender, age, nationality or ethnicity. Keeping this in mind, the awareness about it should also be spread far and wide – both about the problem as well as solutions. With the current external political climate which is focussed on a nationalist identity and raising the profile and significance of regional languages, it is important to understand the needs and requirements of regional language media and its audience to widen the understanding of climate change issues and its impacts.

Job Description

  • Provide support to the Regional communications team in their day to day work in media pitching, developing content, translations and building media relations.
  • Provide help in pitching to various Hindi media outlets across print, online and TV news
  • Maintain and update regional media lists on climate reporters in key regional media outlets in relevant states where Climate Trends works
  • Write Hindi content and socialize across Climate Trends digital properties – website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • Work in coordination with the Digital manager on the Hindi digital outreach
  • Keep up with the climate, energy and air pollution news, esp with regard to a local audience
  • Develop a database of regional influencers relevant to social media
  • Maintain an overall view of key external developments to support regional communications team
  • Proficient in typing in both Krutidev and Unicode Hindi fonts
  • Familiarity with WordPress based content management system is preferred
  • Familiarity with designing tools – photoshop, Canva, Quik useful to have
  • Support Hindi newsletter team in content production and newsletter distribution

Job Requirements

  • Must be bilingual and have a fair understanding of the English language as well as written & oral skills for Hindi. Must have a fair idea of how Hindi print and online media houses function.
  • Understanding of various social media platforms and their respective audience.
  • At least 4-5 years of experience in Hindi media and a fair idea of Hindi news pegs.


  • 1 year. Extension after 6 months based on a performance review


  • Preferably Lucknow or Delhi


  • Full-time position on contract basis

How to apply

  • Send your resume and cover note to